Monday, 24 February 2014

Las Vegas and Universal Studios

America//Las Vegas and Universal Studios Hollywood

Yes! We decided to go to Vegas for one night! It was wicked!
We left our hotel at 6am and travelled for an hour and a half, changing transport five times to get to what seemed to be the middle of nowhere..and waited for our Vegas bus!

I fell asleep straight away, but was then woken up by people arguing! Apparently the guy sitting next to us spilt some alcohol and the driver called the police... Everyone on the bus was going crazy, defending the guy who apparently was asleep when the bottle spilt.. Drama! 
We finally arrived at our destination! It was so hot and full of people! 

As soon as we walked into our hotel there was a mass of people gambling and drinking. We stayed the the Flamingo Hotel which had its own pink flamingos in the back! 

We then took a stroll down the Vegas strip, which seemed so surreal! I loved how people were generally there just to have an amazing time, saw loads of people with funny looking containers around their necks, filled with alcohol and showgirls/performers walking along the street.

Later that evening we had some cocktails inside our casino, I got really hooked on the poker machines.. I won $10!!!! ..but lost $30... :D

After spending some cash we headed to the Lexur. We saw Chris Angel. It was interesting. I'd say the show consisted 40% of illusions, the rest was self-promotion and bragging. At the very end he announced that the moment to take a photo with him had arrived... We decided it was time to go home and hit the casinos :D

I found it difficult to buy coffee the next day, it seemed most places only sold Margaritas! Also we had to queue for an hour to eat breakfast at this restaurant opposite our hotel, but it was totally worth it. The interior was so cool and the food was pretty awesome too! 

Turned out we had the same coach driver on the way back to LA who would not stop talking about his ex-wife... At least the view was relaxing!

Anyway when we got back to Hollywood we decided to look for a Vans store and got completely lost... Ended up on the highway, but quickly found our way to a pretty posh nail salon and had some new sets of nails done ;)

The next day we decided to go to Universal Studios! It was sooo much fun!

We got there quite late, so had to go round the park as quickly as we could! The first place we went to was this water attraction show which turned out to be so action packed and jokes!

We got on some rides, took some photos with our mate Marge!

Then we took four escalators to the lower park, I have to point out that they were the slowest moving escalators in the world, packed with people so it was impossible to get past! Went on a few rides and then made our way to the top park again to find out the only smoking area in the entire park was at the bottom...where we just came from....soooo off we went, this time taking the stairs! 

Fortunately on the way up we met this guy who started showing us his Canadian money (which were made from plastic)! Turned out he was visiting California with his two teenage sons and it was his birthday! So he was given a special badge which got him fast tracks on all the rides, he kindly took us under his wing and got us front seats on the 'Hollywood Set tour bus'!

It was sooo cool! We got to see actual movie sets! My absolute favourite was 'The Desperate Housewives' lane! 

We saw others like the 'Grinch' set and props from films like 'Back to the Future'!

I think the highlight of the day was going to this 'Haunted House' which initially we thought was going to be a ride... No it was pitch black with people jumping out and scaring the shit out of you! The fact that we were the only people there and no way to turn back didnt help.. I couldn't stop laughing (screamed a little bit too lol) Jenny wanted to kill me for making her go in there :D 

Next.. We're off to Santa Monica!!! 


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

America//Week 2

Los Angeles // Week Two

I think the San Francisco airport was one of the most sophisticated airports I've ever been to!There was a yoga room inside the terminal..

Anyway, guess we finally made it!! What would be the first thing you'd do when you get to Los Angeles..? Get some ghetto nails! 
Jenny knows what i'm talking about! I was going to get some, but last time I did I realised I was unable to take my contacts out my eyes, and a friend of mine had to get them out which was an unpleasant experience, so i just had a boring manicure. But check these bad boys out! $3 for the diamonds! Totally worth it ;) 

Afterwards we hit the Hollywood strip and of course got a tour bus and looked around famous people's houses and local attractions. The guy showing us around was one of those fame obsessed kinda guys, knew all the gossip about everyone in Hollywood and kept running into loads of celebrities during his tours.. Unfortunately it wasn't our day for celebrity spotting, but still managed to see the outside of their houses. At least we think we did,I mean the tour guy could have been like oh yes that's Cher's house to the left.. He actually showed us Cher's house, or should i say land! It consisted of three hills, one was an entire golf course, the other a palace and the third I cant remember was pretty overwhelmed by this point. Another cool place was Wu Tang's mansion.. Which was apparently rented out to a porn company for 30 days and the cost was something like $3000 a day....

I have to say i much more preferred Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive as neighbourhoods rather than the Hollywood Hills. It seemed much more friendly, people walking their dogs, a lot of greenery and pretty houses. Got to see Marilyn Monroe's house which was so beautiful! Apparently it recently sold, so I'll have to start my house searching all over again.

(Marilyn Monroe's House)

 Drove past Kat Von D's tattoo shop, according to our tour guy she is now single and booked up for the next 14 months (for tattooing) and charges something like $700 an hour. Kinda crazy!

When Jenny met Elvis and I touched the dirty ground where Marilyn's hands once indented it, I've always thought we'd have the same size hands...either she was a man or i'm still developing! :D

I then had the misfortune of accepting one of those CD's you think are given out to you for free and turns out they're not.. And you have to give donations to support this rap artist, which I'm all im favour of, but when you are told this after they sign your name on the cd and ask for a $20 donation.... More than Drake's new album by the way! And then tell you to get a photo of them and add them on Instagram and what not I'm like Hell No! But it all happened really quick so i had no time to response, just found it amusing. And the funny part is I have no idea what this guy sounds like.. You never know could be the next 50 cent.. :D

The next day we went to the Hollywood Museum, it was so cool! It consisted of movie costumes, props and photographs, from black and white films to recent movie hits. 

I really enjoyed the cinema room, which projected a film about Max Factor, it had a lot of old footage and interesting facts, i had no idea make up originated from him, he basically created first natural looking foundation for colour movies as well as make up for black and white films, the mascara, lipgloss and so on. He also came up with a cool invention called 'Beauty Calibrator' which looked like a weird head cage with spikes, which he would use to measure the features of a woman's face, highlighting her physical flaws, indicating where corrections needed to be made in order to achieve the perfect face. 

Also a whole room was dedicated to the one and only Marilyn Monroe, filled with original costumes and photographs! 

Later that day we went to watch a film at a cinema which looked pretty retro on the outside, but reminded me of a trainstation on the inside, and then began packing for a trip to Vegas!!!!

Off to Vegas baby!!!!

Thursday, 14 November 2013


San Francisco // Week One

Hey everyone!

I've been so excited about my holiday to America I can't even begin to tell you! It has been a dream to visit Los Angeles since I was a child so finally making it here feels really surreal. Jenny has been equally as thrilled about visiting the states, so we just couldn't wait to get there!

The plane journey was extremely long, freezing and seats were way too tight. Let's not mention the food or the service provided... The only good thing was I got to watch Monsters inc University, but I then fell asleep half way through.. For an hour.. And the only hour I managed to sleep on our 11 hr long flight!

We finally arrived in San Francisco, where we got picked up by this really nice guy who's house we were staying at in Castro, gave us a tour around the neighbourhood showing us the cool caf├ęs and the steepest road I've seen in my life!

Castro was a really cool place to stay at, very friendly and full of nice places to eat. The view from our window was amazing! 

There was an old-fashioned theatre/cinema down the road which projected old films two/three times a week. We decided to go and see 'The Wicker Man' which we assumed was a horror movie.. Turned out it was the original from the 70's. We really enjoyed the film and the popcorn was amazing! Had some trouble ordering water...Americans can't seem to understand our accent so I've been practicing speaking in American and I just sound jokes! 

So, the first night we arrived we took a stroll down Castro which for a Monday night seemed pretty busy! Managed to find a cool diner and headed home for some needed rest.

The next day we decided to explored the central part of the city. I was so jet-lacked and turned out San Fran was extremely smoking unfriendly.. So I can't say I was bouncing off the walls, but managed to get to Union square and then walked to China Town. There we saw loads of really cute shops, mainly souvenir ones, but found this one shop which had the tiniest cat rings (toy cats stuck on rings for people to wear) and toy cats curled up in a ball, so cute I nearly died! Not too sure where you'd keep them, but still pretty interesting! (Unfortunately I couldn't take a photo)

Kept finding really jokes programmes on t.v. Like "Bad Girls Club", "He's mine not yours"' "I hate my Butt"... And "My Big Fat Revenge"... Which was basically about overweight people who have been made to feel bad by an ex boyfriend due to the way they look and now decide to lose the pounds and get a revenge by humiliating them in public... It's a shame I fell asleep half way through. 

That evening we went to meet up with Daniel, who we arranged to meet outside this bar called something Castle but got really lost and ended up in some dodgy area where we politely asked some guys if they knew where the place was and a girl told us it had changed names and was now called Divas.. Turned out those people were having a laugh and sent us to some gay strip club! Which was jokes, unfortunately we didn't go in. When we finally met Daniel we chilled at a really cool bar and then went to a diner where I had pancakes! (For dinner) Mum's are still the best ;)

The next day we had planned to go to Alcatraz, but the government decided to take the piss and close it down for the duration of our stay, which really sucked. Instead we went to Golden Gate park where we rented bikes and cycled like crazy on no food and got lost too many times, but still had an awesome time and then headed to Fisherman's Wharf. Jenny had some food at In 'n' Out Burger which apparently was amazing and I had my first Clam Chowder in a bread bowl!! Also pretty amazing! Then we all went to this really old school arcade, full with freaky fortune teller dolls who's predictions were actually pretty accurate..weird. I was hoping I'd wake up as a kid the next day, like in that film with Tom Hanks : D

The next day we got ourselves some burritos which were so yummy, but ridiculously huge, we barely made it up the road! Whenever I see aTaco place now I feel like I'm going to puke!

Found this place called Haight and Ashbury which once was a hippy area and had loads of retro shops. 

We found the coolest book shop with amazing comic novels and special edition books and it also lead to the Golden Gate park, so we ended up there again and saw the De Young Museum, similar to the Tate, got to see the view of the entire park from the top of the building which was really beautiful!

Finally made it to Golden Gate and turned out we were really lucky with the weather. Managed to walk the whole length of the bridge which was quite long and it was boiling, pretty sure the back of our necks burnt.. So when we got to the end we decided to get a tour bus back and the driver told us normally there is a lot of fog and people have to photoshop the bridge in, so lucky for us we'll save some time before posting our photos on facebook. :D

One of the things I really loved about San Francisco was the architecture of the family homes and colour palette, which in general consisted of pastel colours, my favourite! 

Our last day was chilled out, decided to do our laundry on the day of a carnival which took place on our road and pretty much all of the shops were shut, which meant walking around like headless chickens in the heat with our washing, but luckily managed to find a cool laundrette in the end. 

We then took a stroll down the carnival which seemed really busy and consisted of loud music, half naked men and dressed up pets! 

Managed to get a photo of this dog which was dressed as a bat and ..omg.. A cat on a leash!

We then quickly managed to visit the pier again and take photos of the sea lions who were adorable and made the funniest noises in each others faces before heading to 'Little Italy'. Basically an area full of Italian restaurants, we were recommended a restaurant called 'Stinking Rose', the food mainly consisted of garlic dishes, i had a muscle soup and Jenny a veggie lasagna, it was really yummy!

We'll be back in San Francisco for our last couple of days, but overall had a really good time, managed to do a lot and people in general were really nice and friendly! :)

Off to LA!!! Wooooo!!!