Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Guilty Pleasures


I am happy to announce that I will be taking part in a group show presented by Sweet'Art Collective this November! Over 30 artists will be showing their artwork at Juno in Shoreditch. Join us and find out all about our guilty pleasures!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

New Paintings!

Hi everyone,

I have been really inspired by various topics and I am currently in the process of creating a few new paintings which I can't wait to share with you all! I will be sharing my painting process very soon too, but for now I hope you enjoy these two finished pieces :)

'Off With Her Head'
Oil on Canvas

Oil on Linen


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

R.I.P Robin Williams

I was extremely saddened by the news of this incredible man passing away. His ability to bring joy and laughter to other people will never be forgotten. You have always been my real Peter Pan, thanks for making my childhood so magical.
                                                   Rest in Peace Robin Williams

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Etsy Shop

Hi everyone!

I'm happy to let you all know that I have a lot of new artwork available in my shop! If you wish to own prints/originals/handmade products all made by me, please click on the link below! Thank you :)

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Private View 'The New Georgians'

Hi All,

Last night was the opening of The New Georgians Exhibition. Amongst the many Georgians related exhibitions and events across the country this year celebrating the Hanoverian tercentenary, ours is the only one to include contemporary artwork. 
Here are some photos from our celebration!

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Santa Monica//Last Days

The next day we packed our bags, checked out of our hotel and took a bus to Santa Monica! 
It was amazing there! Our hotel turned out to be in such a good location, just a few steps off the beach.

The view of the pier and beach fitness was to die for! Probably my favourite place we'd been to! 

Jenny and I decided to hire out some rollerblades.. Neither of us felt confident, so we held eachothers hand the whole time. Got a few weird looks from people, someone actually laughed at us.. But we managed to have a good work out ;)

The next morning I had a dream I was skateboarding.. So I rented one and managed to stay on it without falling, some guy actually thought I was a real skateboarder! Haha

We then took a stroll down Venice Beach where we saw the cast of a new TV Programme 'The Freak Show' and loads of old and tanned muscular men training at Muscle Beach. 

The next day the weather was amazing so we decided to hit the pier! Can't say it was as exciting as Universal Studios, but the view from the Ferros Wheel was incredible! 

Our last morning was spent chilling on the beach before heading back to San Francisco for our last couple of days!

The night we arrived in San Fran we were surprised by very cold weather! (Compared to LA :p) it was our friend Dan's Art show the same night so we were very excited! We even managed to fit a nice sushi in ;)

The Art Show theme was based on music Icons futuring loads of artists and  Daniel based his piece on Jay Z and it looked awsome! Check out his work www.danieljvaladez.com . After the show we went to a hip-hop bar and ended up having pancakes in the middle of the night! Good times ;)

Our last day was spent on a boat trip since we didn't manage to go to Alcatraz...

We saw this really cool restaurant which was based under water!

We were still annoyed about the fact we missed the change to go to Alcatraz and our tickets had now expired... But decided to give it another go and turmed out the people were very nice and let us hop on the ferry! We were so excited! 

It was a great trip and the experience was awsome, shame it was so cold on the last day but all in all a wonderful adventure to travel and see California! :)